Thursday, October 27, 2005

I've always thought that the Hetchins Magnus Opus was over the top as far as lugs go, in a good way of course. I have thought those embellishments down the outer side of the fork blade were probably brazed on after the fork was built. No evidence of that here.

This Hetchins crown picture was donated by Dale Brown, proprietor of Cycles de Oro and of the Classic rendezvous.


Blogger Norris said...

The embellishments were fusion-welded with a steel rod on to the crown, and then filed into give a fine finish before the crown was assembled on to the column and blades. If the embelishments had been brazed on to the fork after wards the blasting process would have cut into the brass and left a fine line showing, thereby indicating that the tangs were simply add-ons and not integral parts of the crown

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